Laura Clift, Travel Agent & Trip Designer

Laura Clift

I am based in Knoxville, TN where I enjoy working as an independent travel agent for clients in search of help planning their next adventure. I design trips based on individual interests, tastes, and preferences on travel style. My goal is to alleviate the stress of planning, leaving travelers free to get exploring with no hassle!

As a storyteller myself, I adore planning trips centering around a destination’s local history, art, and culture. From wandering through the cobbled streets of Italy, exploring ruins in the moors of England, to sailing the seas of the Greek islands, our world is teeming with a rich history just waiting for you to add your own story.

I’ve spent months backpacking through Europe on a tight budget- often with only 2-4 friends along for the journey- and I am glad to share tips I’ve learned along the way. Budgeting, what to pack for five weeks in only a backpack, and the “do’s and don’ts” of public transportation are just a few things I’ve learned through experience. As your adventure planner, I can help you be prepared for the inevitable twists and turns that make traveling fun! 

Helping others create lasting memories through travel, the kind you can tell stories about for years is my passion. I’m able to put that aspiration into action as a travel agent, where I utilize skills in organization and attention to detail to create the best trip possible for each traveler in my care.

When not traveling myself or creating trip itineraries for others, I’m using my knack as a storyteller to build a writing and theatre career. As you can see- my entire life revolves around storytellers working in a community, whether that is to write books, produce plays, or create adventures for those wishing to expand their horizons.

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