Jazz Cruise

The Jazz Cruise presents the very best in straight ahead jazz. With over 200 hours of music, 100 jazz musicians and a legion of loyal guests from all over the world, The Jazz Cruise is now one of the most important jazz events of the year.

  • 7-day Voyage – Miami, Curacao, Aruba
  • January 16 – 23, 2021

Blues Cruise

Blue Note at Sea is a combined effort of Blue Note Records, Blue Note Jazz Clubs and Entertainment Cruise Productions, three titans in the world of music. Forged out of our jazz roots and inspired by the vast musical legacy that is Blue Note, Blue Note at Sea brings together dynamic artists and musicians who are impacting the world of music now. When weaved together, the end result is a high energy and uplifting musical experience.

The programming transcends traditional genres and categories and relies solely on the highest level of musicianship and creativity.  As we say, GREAT MUSIC IS THE ONLY RULE on Blue Note at Sea.

  • 7-day Voyage – Miami, Curacao, Aruba
  • January 16 – 23, 2021

Smooth Jazz Cruise – Sold Out!

Waitlist available

  • Marcus Miller and Boney James are your hosts for this wall-to-wall music event as you cruise “up close and personal” for 7 days and nights with stars of the jazz world, experiencing the sheer joy and fun on what has become “The Greatest Party at Sea.”
  • 7-day Voyage – Miami, Curacao, Aruba
  • January 30 – February 6, 2021
  • February 6 – 13, 2021
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