Morgana Fry, Trip Designer

Morgana Fry

I am currently based in Tampa, Florida but not for long as I am about to take my self converted camper van across country! I am excited to get to see everything this beautiful country has to offer, and be able to share those experiences with my clients.

When a client comes to me for support planning their trip, I look forward to partnering with them as a fellow traveler. We have a common goal; see the best the world has to offer! Be it luxury eco hotels in Southeast Asia, or rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies we can find an adventure to suit any lifestyle.

I know how stressful and confusing travel can be, and we don’t all have the time to become an expert before planning a trip. That’s where I want to bridge the gap, and use my expert knowledge to alleviate stress and allow my clients to just enjoy the ride!

When I’m not traveling or supporting my clients in their travel goals, I spend my time writing on my personal travel blog where I share all my crazy story’s from the road! As you can see, I basically live and breathe travel and I look forward to standing next to you as your reach your travel goals!

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