Jake Conlee, Trip Designer

Jake Conlee

Hindsight is always 20/20, but becoming an independent trip designer is what I was born to be! The ever-restless and fearless globetrotter, my name is Jake Conlee, and I am honored to be at your service. I am based out of the perennial travel destination of the Desert Southwest- Las Vegas. I have an unrivaled passion for my family, my home town and travel!

I have been extremely fortunate to have grown up in a family of travellers. From my earliest fond memories, my parents were always on the go, and in nature. I have been able to pass on the “travel bug” to my children and we are always finding ourselves somewhere new? Armed with a camera, a packed bag, and a desire to explore, each trip is better than the last. I’ve been able to travel to some fantastic locales throughout the world and would love to share my passion of travel with you. Together, we will build the perfect vacation based on your hobbies and personal interests.

Is your dream trip exploring the soaring peaks and verdant valleys of the Bavarian Alps? Would you love to sleep in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti? How about a wild safari on the plains of the Serengeti?

With your input and needs, coupled with my experience and passion for seeking out the perfect trip, we will bring your dreams of travel to life!

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