Desiree Wisdom, Trip Designer

Desiree Wisdom

I am currently based in Fayetteville, Arkansas but soon I will be moving overseas to Cairo, Egypt. There I will explore destinations that will leave the mind struck in awe. I’m ecstatic to be able to share my experiences with all of you, traveling as a travel agent helps me help you.

I have solo traveled across China and America and can give you the ins and outs of the daily adventures and problems you may come across. Many regions are left unexplored due to the lack of knowledge and lack of attention these amazing locations have to offer.

  • Do you dream to go where many have not?
  • Do you dream of a main location you’ve always wanted to see?
  • Don’t know how to get started?

That is the main reason for many not taking that leap of faith to explore. Since I was a child I have always dreamed of traveling around the globe to see the wonders that the earth holds. Becoming a travel agent has been a long awaited career that I do simply because I love helping others and especially helping those travel and realize their dreams as I have mine. I specialize in Solo, Romantic, Family, Luxury and Religious types of traveling. I have so much love for the ancient architecture of our ancestors’ past. Booking with me will guarantee you learn and drop your jaw in awe at the beautiful places I will take you. As well as being a Travel agent I am an Interfaith Minister who can guarantee a full experience backed by knowledge of each individual place when you book through me at any point. I offer so many different itineraries and options for your convenience!

Thank you for looking into Travelwhirled and I look forward to meeting you and establishing a contact that can be a constant safe place to know you’re getting the best price each year you travel booking with me. I haven’t traveled everywhere but it is on my map! Take that first step and be amazed.

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