Christopher Burnham, Trip Designer

Christopher Burnham

Hello and welcome to the beginnings of your next great journey! My name is Christopher Burnham, and I currently reside in the gorgeous state of North Carolina.

I have had the pleasure of vacationing, traveling and visiting many different locations across the continental United States. Having been married in 2018 to my wife Kally, we are looking to expand that list rapidly to European, Asiatic and African destinations.

Our families have traveled and moved a bunch while we were growing up, which has given both of us an itch to experience the many different foods, cultures, and rich histories that exist around the globe.

Vacations mean a lot to myself due to those instances being some of the happy times I had growing up. As such, I want to be sure that every trip that I help create for you is the best that it can be and that you will always remember it with a smile and many, many pictures or souvenirs.

Whether it is a long four-day weekend to a beach resort, a breathtaking river cruise, or a stay in a beautiful mountain bed and breakfast, we know that with any vacation the purpose is to relax and enjoy life without a worry in the world. Therefore, my goal as your personal travel agent is to make sure that all the planning logistics have been taken care of for you, so the only thing left is to enjoy the vacation that we’ve tailor made for you. Just let me know what travel itch you need scratched, and we will locate the best options for you so you can get the most out of your next amazing adventure.

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